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Oberlin Dance Intensive: FAQ

Q: Are any supplementary items required for application to Oberlin Dance Intensive?

A: No. Simply fill out the application, pay and submit! We will notify you when we receive your application.


Q: Where will my student be staying during Oberlin Dance Intensive?

A: Students are housed in a residence on the Oberlin College campus. For 2019, students will stay in Bailey House. A first floor kitchen and lounge area are available for students’ comfort and convenience.


Q: Are students required to stay on campus?

A: No. We have many students opt to commute, just participating in daytime classes and evening activities. Please note that it is up to parents/guardians to make sure that commuters have proper accommodations off-campus, and reliable transportation to and from classes.


Q: Will students be supervised in the college residence?

A: Yes! ODI staff includes a Resident Assistant, who is usually a current student or recent alumna of Oberlin College. In addition to staying in the college residence with students, the RA escorts the cohort to and from all activities throughout the week.


Q: Where do students go when they arrive in Oberlin?

A: Students will check in at Stevenson Hall between 2-4 pm. From there, a member of the ODI staff will direct or escort you to the intensive residence.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No. With such a diverse variety of classes offered we do not require a dress code, though we do encourage traditional dancewear. Whatever you wear should cover your body appropriately and enable you to move freely. We encourage students to bring layers as it can be cool or very hot. Students should also bring a black top and bottoms for the end-of-week showing.


Q: What do students do in the evening?

A: We schedule various activities to keep the students busy in the evenings after dinner. It’s a mix of more dance classes, time to stretch or work on choreography with the RA, and always an evening out to see a show or movie.


Q: Will there be an opportunity for family and friends to see what our students have learned?

A: Yes! There will be a showing and reception at the end of the week, where family and friends can get a glimpse of what students learned during their time in Oberlin. Students and families are free to depart after the showing and reception.

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