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Spinning Plates


Various Principals

NEOS + The Statesburro youth ballet

Lindsay Mulhollen + Neos

Dracula Promo

On Making Homage

Neos Celebrates their 5 Year Anniversary
Juliana Freude

Mary-Elizabeth Fenn

Jennifer Safonovs

Brooke Wesner

Bobby Wesner

M.A.D.E. in Ashland Media Events

M.A.D.E. in Ashland

Perfomance Coverage Ashland 

Popup Downtown: 

Tuffy in a tutu

Courtney McNaull "talks M.A.D.E. in Ashland," Pump House on WRDL Radio Interview link

Bobby Wesner and Jan Archer from Neos Dance Theatre joined "Afternoons With Tyler" on WRDL Radio Interview Link

Katherine Tackett's new podcast featuring Jan Archer, Matthew Roberts, and Bobby wesner  -  Podcast link

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