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*denotes currently in Repetroire



*Snow White and the Magic Mirror: A Grimm Tale

*Flight, Penny Saunders

*Bonobo, Penny Saunders

*Spinning Plates, Bobby Wesner

Giselle Pas De Deux, Traditional 


2012 - 13 

*1940's Nutcracker, Bobby Wesner

Symbiosos, (evening length featuring musical artists: TImbre, La De Les

*Homage, Bobby Wesner



*Schubert Waltzes, Heinz Poll

*Various Principals, Bobby Wesner

*Creole Cinderella, Mary Elizabeth Fenn


Sylvia and Friends with Sylvia McNair



*Count...the Legend of Dracula, Bobby Wesner

*Lickety Split, Alejandro Cerrudo

*Mein Weg, Joseph Morrissey

*Norm and Cleo (revised from 2004), Bobby Wesner

*Neos Dances with the Stars - various choreographers

*Appalachian Spring, Bobby Wesner

Selections of An American in Paris, Bobby Wesner

A Chorus Line



*Romeo and Juliet, Bobby Wesner

Woman in the Window, Mardon Ramos

Venezuelan Dances, Jurijs Safonovs

*Nuevo, Bobby Wesner

*Summer Night, Heinz Poll

*Eight by Benny Goodman, Heinz Poll

*Don Q pas de deux

Cities of the Future, Bobby Wesner

*Tico Tico, Bobby Wesner

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Bobby Wesner

Gershwin Pas de Deux (Revised from 2001,) Bobby Wesner

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat



 Tschaikovsky Pas De Deux, George Balanchine

*The Stag Line, Bobby Wesner

Three Cornered Hat, Bobby Wesner

*Change My Name, Bobby Wesner

By George, Bobby Wesner

*Coffee Talk, Bobby Wesner

Spring and Summer, Bobby Wesner

Holiday Spectacular with The Mansfield Symphony



Neos Dance Theatre dancers
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