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“M.A.D.E. in Ashland”


Saturday, March 17, 2018

8:00 p.m.

Archer Auditorium

Ticket Box office call 419.289.5125


M.A.D.E. in Ashland - presented by Neos Dance Theatre featuring two time Grammy Award winner Sylvia McNair, Ashland High School’s A Cappella Choir under Kimberly Wolbert, photo displays from the Ashland County Historical Society, local artists Susan Shafer, Betty Perry and Marty Bossler Lee. M.A.D.E. in Ashland brings artists together to highlight Music, Art, Dance, & Education during a weeklong residency culminating in a performance at Archer Auditorium.

Funding by Ashland County Foundation and supporting organizations, ARTSTDREAM, Ashland City Schools,

Ashland University and individual donors 

M.A.D.E. in Ashland Flyer to print 8.5 x11 Ashland Press Release





MADE in ASHLAND pop-up art portion will be the entire month of March
March 10 - the Ashland Symphony Orchestra with Bobby and Brooke Wesner featured in the Gershwin and the Young People’s concert in the afternoon
March 11 and 18 - Ashland Regional Ballet’s Cabin Fever performances
March 12 -17 - Neos Dance Theatre Artists in Residence with all kinds of dance, art, music and technical classes
March 15 – Ashland University Juried Student Art Exhibit Opening
March 16 - Maplerock Jazz Festival
March 17 - Neos Dance Theatre MADE in ASHLAND performance
March 18 -  Ashland County Middle School Honors Band Concert with Ashland University Symphonic Band
March 25 - Ashland University Winter Choral Concert.
Sylvia McNair

Sylvia McNair

Neos Dance Theatre

Neos Dance Theatre

Susan Shafer

Susan Shafer

Marty Bossler Lee

Marty Bossler Lee

Betty Perry

Betty Perry

Scavenger Hunt
Art Locations

Scavenger Hunt Artists

Barbara Morejon

(419) 559 - 9048 
Barbara Morejon is a professional fiber artist. Over 25 years felting and still loving it! Inspired by a unique combination of reality and fantasy, her pieces come straight from the imagination, and most develop as the work progresses.  Barbara’s art is really about whimsy and finding the fun in life.  Life is tough enough, and her art is made to be soft, gentle, humorous, and just bizarre enough that people want to see what will be next.

Terri Meyer

(419) 289 -1081 
 In 1999 I changed my career path to a full time freelance artist, having never worked in the art industry.  It was bold, gutsy and a leap of faith.  As I look back I smile at my innocence. How I have grown and learned since that time.  It hasn’t been easy, but it has been a wonderful journey filled with joy and disappointments.   My art training has come from practice, persistence, studying under well established artists, art books and videos.  Learning is the cornerstone of my creativity. We all have gifts to share with each other, mine is creativity.  I hope to inspire you to find your path that brings joy to your soul and that you too will share it with others.  

Robin Roberts

(419) 606 -1620 
Capturing the beauty of God’s creation. Painting is relaxing and is my way to get with God and His creation. I want to soak it in, understand it as well as I can, and then capture the special beauty of life as light and shadow splash across the scene. Loving being outside and interacting with others, I really enjoy plein air painting (on location in the open air). Nature never fails to reward and challenge me as an artist with its constantly changing colors, light, and atmosphere. Every painting is a journey of new opportunity and growth.  

Elizabeth Klingler

(740) 405 - 0960 
Elizabeth obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing at the University of Akron in 2011 and Master of Fine Arts in painting, drawing and printmaking at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2014. She is a passionate educator, teaching adult art classes at the Tin Can Chandelier, and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be creative. Her specialties include watercolor, mixed media and printmaking. She enjoys the challenge of creating work that utilizes various forms of media to obtain a final product. 

Samantha Rhonemus

 (419) 890 - 2171 
From Bluffton, Ohio, Samantha is a senior Graphic Design and Fine Arts major at Ashland University working at the Tin Can Chandelier, Coburn Art Gallery and the Ashland University Recreation Center. She is still trying to figure out what to do with the art and how to share her talents and love for the arts. Often inspired by the people in her life, she tries to capture them in many different ways.  By use of digital technology similar to double exposure, the result is a single compilation project. She likes to portray movement, using nature as subject matter, to show natural beauty and movement.

Amanda Kiplinger

(419) 908 - 8831 
I was born to dairy farmers just outside the small town of Polk, Ohio, which influenced my life.  I picked up a camera at an early age and haven’t put it down since.  Classic photographers such as Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, and Galen Rowell have been major influences.  Photography has affected me in every aspect of my life.  If I’m not photographing nature, I’m writing about it. I’m looking outside my window, trying to decide if the light is perfect to photograph a landscape. Traveling anywhere, I try to “see” a landscape photograph; I’m always working on composition. I love the “click” the camera makes when the image is captured on the digital card.  The smell of the outdoors whether it’s a cold, crisp Ohio winter or a hot, humid summer day, I love being surrounded by nature.

Betz Johnson Richards

(440) 829 - 9970 
As an artist, the contemporary abstract style of the works in this series combines my love of color and detail.  Called "The Gene Pool Series", these pieces are meant to suggest arteries, cells, atoms, the connection of blood and vessels in a molecular setting or even planetary bodies in an imaginary universe. In a global sense, the series portrays connectedness, cellular interdependence and cohesiveness, and universal inclusiveness.

Mary Jean Ferretti

(567) 215 - 5363

(419) 281 - 8066 
With degrees in education, the artist spent many years in positions that specifically employed her teaching skills.  Upon retirement and a deteriorating health issue with a family member, she returned to college to pursue art. Reigniting the fire that was smoldering from childhood, she was smitten with the new concept of digital art.  As the electronic world becomes a special reality, her imagination never fails to fascinate and inspire her to do it better.  Interaction in intergenerational groups in art classes was so enjoyable she now takes the sharing of her work as a personal outreach to anyone and everyone.  She has enjoyed exhibiting in many venues, been published and done things that would be classified as “stepping outside the box”.  Art has become her personal place of joy, peace and a lot of experimentation.

Pat Edwards

(419) 289 - 8124

 I began painting as a decorative artist (tole painter) in 1973 when I became a ‘stay at home mom’ and found I needed a night away to take classes on Ruth Thomas’ kitchen table!  When we moved to Jeromesville in the late ‘70’s I operated a small studio where I could give lessons and paint for my own pleasure.  I remember participating in only one craft show a year…the Hayesville Arts & Crafts Show (now the Hillsdale Arts & Craft Show) to earn what would be our Christmas gift money!!!!  Going back to work full-time in 1982, I packed up my oil paints and 
vowed to return upon retirement.  Three years ago that event happened…after teaching in public schools for 42 years!  I continue to paint in oils but have begun to work in watercolor. 

Irv Oslin

(419) 566 - 8471 
I am a semi-retired journalist and photographer living in Ashland and Richland counties. I worked for the Ashland Times-Gazette from 1997-2013 and continue to write and do photography part-time on a freelance basis for the paper and its affiliates. I became involved with photography after the paper cut a photographer's position. As a reporter, I began shooting daily using a small Canon point-and-shoot camera. It wasn't long before photography would become a consuming passion. In October 2017, I entered 10 photos in the Loudonville Street Fair, my first attempt at public display. All 10 took blue ribbons plus a best of show. 

Barry Winston Wheeler

(419) 554 - 8408 
Education: B.A. Hiram College, 1966  German Literature/Art History Six week sabbatical studying art of Europe Owner and operator Evening Star Forge, est. 1971 

Residency: Blacksmith, Hale Farm and Village, W. Reserve Historical Society !976-1980 

Awards and Grants: International Wally Award, for Blacksmithing, Surrey England 1982 Many awards from SOFA (Southern Ohio Forge Anvil Association) Ohio Heritage Fellowship, 2016, outstanding work in folk and traditional art of Ohio 
My approach to art and blacksmithing is with a sense of whimsy and humor.  I create relatively small sculptures from 1 inch to as much as a foot or so.  Many of my pieces have intricate moving parts and have a function, from a complicated power hammer that actually works, to armor for a hummingbird. I never know what I will create next but I enjoy the adventure.  "Let me entertain you". 

Dana Sherburne

(419) 651- 1174 
As a retired music teacher, I have found time to pursue my art passion as I work in watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil and mixed media.   Acrylics afford me the opportunity to work loosely and abstractly which I enjoy.  Color and the play of shapes intrigue me in the application of materials to add dimension and interest to my paintings.  Currently I also find joy in teaching piano lessons to both children and adults.

Janet Wells

(440) 242 - 7296 
As an artist, I have been interested in the way color and shapes combine to form works of art.  Painting with soft pastels, (the purest form of pigment) and their luminosity, allows me to express my feelings and interpret the mood of the scene before me. Recently, painting outside scenes in natural light has been an immediate and rewarding experience. Teaching art in Ashland for 30 years, and studying under artists across the country has enabled me to work in many media: pencil drawing, photo silk screening, acrylics, oils, and pastels. Whether it be portraits, still life, landscapes, or abstract art, I enjoy exploring visual creativity in many forms. 

Linda McFarlin

(419) 281- 6563 
Linda McFarlin, a professional artist for over 30 years, was born and raised in Ashland County. Her originals and limited prints have been exhibited in galleries and universities and can be found in many private and corporate collections. McFarlin has taught as artist-in-residence programs, donates her time and energy to several art councils, teaches at North Central State College, and currently runs Pine Manor gallery in Ashland, along with her husband Gary who is the framer.  Learn more about McFarlin and her current exhibition “A Living History” A Collection of Portraits at ​

Debra Morr

(719) 250 -1260 
I am an plein-air artist who paints primarily with oils.  I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. In college, I obtained a degree in Graphic Art and Design and after graduating worked as a commercial artist in the printing industry.  In 1998 I decided to relocate to Colorado and eventually Wyoming to pursue a career as a Fine Artist, painting primarily in oils and specializing in Representational Landscapes and Wildlife.  While living in the western United States, I gained a better understanding of my subject matter.  I have attended several plein-air painting workshops that were taught by well known and successful plein-air artists.  My passion for painting and my skills have evolved considerably over time. I have traveled extensively throughout the continental United States, Western Canada and Europe in search of new and exciting subject material for my paintings.  It has been said that in order to be a successful artist, 
one should paint what one loves and knows best and paint it from one's own heart.  I enjoy spending time in the outdoors observing and studying the landscape and wildlife that I paint.  As a plein-air artist, I feel that it is important to understand and portray the landscape as it truly is. My love of nature and my passion to pursue my art career has led me to a place in time where I feel blessed to be a plein-air painter.  In 2014 I relocated my studio to Ashland, Ohio. This particular location allows me to be exposed to the several seasons, each of which provides their own unique opportunities.

Nancy Booth

(614) 506 - 6959 
Nancy Booth has always enjoyed taking photos from the time she was a kid using a Brownie Camera she received for Christmas. She is one of the four gals who started the Ashland Photography Club in 2011 and was president from 2015 to 2017. Her photos have been exhibited with the Ashland Photography Club, also many of Ashland University’s Coburn Art Gallery exhibits, Northeast Ohio Iris Society in Brecksville and numerous smaller venues. She continues to take classes which include workshops with professional photographers Rich Pomerantz, David Fitzsimmons and Scott Kelby. Photography is a wonderful and relaxing hobby as you enjoy your surroundings. As a photographer you have the power to "stop time." 

Debra Akers

(419) 289 - 2183 
Debra has displayed her creative art, both in ceramics and  abstract paintings, throughout  the North Central Ohio area. Her works have been in numerous juried shows.  Debra was awarded Best in Show in Ceramics - Delaware, Ohio, The Arts Castle, and an award of Honorable Mention, at the Mansfield Art Center- May Show, in Mansfield, Ohio.   She truly enjoys the challenge and complexity combination, being inspired by artists such as Pablo Picasso and William de Kooning.   Debra has studied  with Larry Schiemann, professor of ceramics, and Keith Dull, professor of art, at Ashland University, as well as with Carl Alessandro.

Peggy Stover

(419) 606 - 0638 

Born in Lima, Ohio, Peggy Stover earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio Northern University.  She studied ceramics and painting, concentrating in watercolors.  Professionally, Peggy taught elementary art in the Ashland City Schools for 34 years.  During that time she earned a Master of Education degree.  Retirement has allowed Peggy to focus more on her watercolors.  Her current endeavors are focusing on still life realism.  

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